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The World Industrial Internet Industry Congress 2022 to kick off in Qingdao on Nov 29
Qingdao Government | NOVEMBER 23,2022

The World Industrial Internet Industry Congress 2022, sponsored by Qingdao Municipal Government, will be held November 29 ~30 in Haitian Hotel. Themed as “Digitalization for Mutual Benefit”, this congress will be held both online and offline. The congress is composed of several parts like themed reports, research achievements release, parallel theme forum and districts & county-level cities forum and will share the latest theories in the digital economy era, discuss the innovation development strategy of industrial internet and build international, high end and professional platform for industrial exchanges.

This industry congress has attracted global top talents. The conference will give play to the resource gathering role of the "China Industrial Internet 100 Experts", and cooperate with national think tanks such as China National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center, China Information and Communication Research Institute, China Electronics Information Industry Research Institute, China Electronics Standardization Research Institute, and China Industrial Internet Research Institute. Academician Li Peigen, former president of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Academician Fan Ji'an, chief scientist of China Unicom Group, and other top scholars, industrial elites, and business executives in the industrial Internet field are invited to participate in the congress to share their insights and vision on the development industrial internet and to boost high level development of industrial internet.

The congress brings together the latest industrial Internet innovation achievements. Focusing on the industrial Internet platform, network security, logo analysis, industrial metaverse, industrial software and industrial Internet integration etc., the congress will release a series of major research achievements such as the industrial Internet operating system and the industrial Internet ecological white paper. At the same time, competitions and awarding ceremonies such as the finals of the Qingdao Leg of China Industrial Internet Competition and the finals of the "Blooming Cup" 5G Application Contest for Smart Industrial Park will also be held during the congress to fully demonstrate cutting-edge innovations.

In addition, the congress will serve as a platform to connect the supply and demands. Many big names of the industry such as Haier, Huawei, Inspur, Amazon and TOPSEC will hold over 20 parallel and district and county-level forums and organize business introduction and publicity activities on their cutting-edge technologies and solutions. At the same time, the congress will focus on the theme of new economy, new technology and new business format, and display the application scenarios and related resources of "industrial empowerment" and "future cities". The congress will cooperate with the participants, developers and excellent service providers to complement each other's advantages and develop together to build a good industrial ecology for industrial Internet.

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