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Chery Qingdao Super Factory launched
Qingdao Government | NOVEMBER 21,2022

Chery Automobile launched its first super factory in China on November 18, 2022. The new factory is located in Qingdao Auto Industry New City, Jimo District, and during the launch ceremony, the first vehicle of the automaker also rolled off its assembly line. Lu Zhiyuan, Party chief of Qingdao, met with a team led by Yin Tongyue, chairman of Chery Automobile, at Fuxin Mansion on November 17, 2022. Zhao Haozhi, vice Party chief and mayor of Qingdao, attended the launch ceremony.

Lu Zhiyuan expressed congratulation to the establishment of Chery Qingdao Super Factory and introduced the development of automobile industry and relevant industries in the city. Noting that the Report to the 20th National Congress of the Party stressed to “focus on the real economy” and “modernize the industrial system”, he said we sincerely study and implement the guiding principles of the 20th National Party Congress, implement the new development concepts in a complete, accurate and comprehensive way and focus on the development of 24 key industrial chains including new energy vehicles to promote green and low carbon high quality development. As a diversified group with automobile as its core, Chery has profound strengths and its business direction dovetails with the industrial orientation of Qingdao, said Mr. Lu, hoping strengthen communication and deepen practical cooperation in more fields by the opportunity of the first car rolling off the assembly line to make more remarkable cooperation achievements. Qingdao will continue to maintain a first business environment and create favorable conditions for the business development of the automaker in the city, he said.

Yin Tongyue first expressed appreciations to the concerns and supports Qingdao has granted to their business development in the city. He hailed the incomparable geographical advantages, profound industrial basis and superb investment environment of Qingdao and said Chery Automobile will give play to their advantages in industrial chain and help build a better industrial development ecology in the city to make their contributions to the high quality economic and social development of Qingdao.

Other municipal leading officials Geng Tao and Sun Haisheng also attended the meeting.

Chery’s new Qingdao factory sits on a 260,000 square meters expanse of land, and will play host to stamping, painting, welding, and final assembly facilities. Additionally, the super factory will also house Chery’s R&D’s centers as well as a skid pad and detection facilities. The company has put the expected annual output value at 38 billion yuan. The industrial project also attracted the establishment of business of over 20 suppliers along the industrial chain.

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