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Zhao Haozhi visits Goertek Global R& D Headquarters
Qingdao Government | MAY 07,2022

A team of leading officials of relevant municipal departments led by Zhao Haozhi, vice Party chief and mayor of Qingdao, visited Goertek Global R & D Headquarters on May 6, 2022.

The mayor stressed that virtual reality is one of the 10 emerging industries defined by the municipal government and urged the relevant municipal departments to provide high quality and efficient services and maintain good business environment to give play to the leading role of leading enterprises like Goertek to make Qingdao a virtual reality industry leader in the country.

Zhao Haozhi visited the integrated smart sensor project on site. At the lately held meeting, Goertek introduced their business plan, business layout in Qingdao and the problems that need coordination from government agencies.

Noting that Qingdao has good foundation for virtual reality development, Goertek is a business leader in virtual reality sector and a major player in the industrial chain of virtual reality sector in Qingdao and has made breakthrough development in recent years, Mr. Zhao urged relevant departments to further strengthen coordination and liaison with the enterprise and help solve problem they encounter in business operation to support their business growth.

We should give full play to the driving role of Goertek Global R & D Headquarters and accelerate the establishment of a national virtual reality manufacturing innovation center to build the city into a virtual reality research leader in the world arena, he added.

Zhao Haozhi asked relevant departments to open more application scenarios in accordance with the development requirements of virtual reality to build a good industrial development environment.

Qingdao should plan, construct and operate virtual reality industrial park in a better way and attract more upstream and downstream enterprises along the industrial chain to promote industrial cluster development, he said, adding that the city should continue to improve basic infrastructures like education, medical care and traffic to attract and retain hi-tech professionals.

Geng Tao and Zhang Yuansheng attended the visit.

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