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Qingdao to Be Preferred Destination for Domestic Business Dispute Resolution in 2025
The News Office of the Qingdao Municipal Government convened a routine policy briefing on the afternoon of November 30 to interpret the "Qingdao Arbitration Industry Development Plan (2023-2025) and Vision 2035" (hereinafter referred to ...
Revitalizing Urban Development To Enhance People's Welfare and City Quality
The CPC Qingdao Committee and the Municipal Government of Qingdao convened a press conference on the morning of November 29 to highlight the city's progress in urban renewal and construction. The conference, led by the Deputy Party chief...
Qingdao Boasts 44 High-Tech Enterprises Public Listed in Surge
The Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology recently initiated the update for the 2023 Qingdao High-Tech Enterprise Listing Readiness Database. Eligible enterprises meeting the inclusion criteria are being selectively added, w...
Qingdao High-end Equipment Manufacturing Airport Industrial Park Completes Full Construction
The Qingdao High-end Equipment Manufacturing Airport Industrial Park in Pingdu unveils a sprawl of modern factory buildings emerging from the ground. The entire industrial cluster zone is now fully completed, attracting private entities ...
China's First Liquid Rocket Cryogenic Tanks HOETS Line Launched in Qingdao
China's initial assembly line for HOETS cryogenic tanks for liquid rocket propellants has recently begun operating at the Huanyu Aerospace Production Base in Qingdao's West Coast New Area. This initiative fills a significant void in the ...
144-Hour Transit Visa-Free Access in Qingdao: Facilitating Convenience for 35,000 Foreign Nationals
Starting from November 17th this year, Norwegian citizens visiting China will be entitled to apply for a 72/144-hour visa-free transit. This new visa-free transit revision has expanded to cover up to 54 countries. 20 cities in China, inc...
SCO Countries Cross-border Potential Promotional Meeting Opens
The SCO Countries Cross-border Potential Promotional Meeting kicked off on the afternoon of November 22nd at the Qingdao SCODA Pearl International Expo Center. Secretary-General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Zhang Ming d...
14 Qingdao Companies Honored with Provincial Accolades for High-Quality Development Support
The Shandong Province Department of Finance released the 2023 Provincial Support for High-Quality Development Awards list with Qingdao securing 14 spots, standing as the city with the highest number of listed enterprises across the provi...