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Now, the "internationalization" has become one of the key words for Qingdao's development. In June 2020, Qingdao government issued the "Promotion of "Internationalization+" Action Plan (2020/2021)" to establish a global vision, enlarge the coordinates, benchmark against advanced cities at home and abroad, continue to promote the construction of an international city, promote the internationalization of enterprises, markets, industries, parks and areas, cities, etc." with a high standard of “internationalization+" and promote the high-quality development of the entire city.
At present, "internationalization" has become one of the key words of Qingdao's development. In June 2020, Qingdao issued the advance the internationalization of "+" plan of action (2020/2021), sets up the global view, enlarge the coordinates, to the domestic and foreign advanced city, advance the construction of international city, with "+" internationalization standards promote, market, industry, enterprise park, urban internationalization, such as promoting the development of the city to achieve high quality.