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General Office of Qingdao Municipal Government
To assist the leading officials of the municipal government to review or organize the draft of documents and messages released in the name of the municipal government or its general office, to handle the incoming documents and messages from the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the Party and government agencies at provincial, municipal and district levels.
Qingdao Development and Reform Commission
The front building of No. 11 Hong Kong Middle Road, Shinan District, Qingdao
Qingdao Municipal Education Bureau
To draft the Party construction planning of the education sector and guide to implement. To take charge of investigation and research of the major issues of Party construction in the education sector, and put forward comments and recommendations to the Party Qingdao Committee and make decision on relevant issues within its power scope.
Qingdao Municipal Science and Technology Bureau
To implement the laws, regulations and policies of S & T sector, draft relevant local regulations and government rules. To draft and organize the implementation of S & T development and foreign intelligence introduction planning and policies.
Qingdao Municipal Industry and Informatization Bureau
Qingdao Municipal Finance Bureau implements the policies and decisions of the Party Central Committee on industry and information technology, carries out the work requirements of the Party Shandong Committee and the Party Qingdao Committee and persists in and strengthen the unified leadership of the Party to the industry and information technology work.
Qingdao Municipal Public Security Bureau
To take charge of the public security administration of the city. To organize, supervise and guide the security guard at government organ, organizations, enterprises, key basic infrastructure and key construction engineering.
Qingdao Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau
To implement the laws, regulations and policies of civil affairs sector, draft relevant local regulations and government rules, draw up civil affairs undertaking development planning, policies and organize to implement.
Qingdao Municipal Justice Bureau
To undertake the policy study of major issues of rule of law in the city, coordinate relevant authority to put forward the medium and long term plan proposal of comprehensive rule of law in the city and supervise the relevant major arrangements. To coordinate and promote government of laws construction.