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Eight Great Passes
Data source: iqingdao | Qingdao Government | DECEMBER 28,2021

The Eight Great Passes /VCG Photo

Located in the north of Huiquanjiao Scenic Zone, Badaguan, or the "Eight Great Passes", named its eight streets after historical Chinese military passes.

In the name "Badaguan," "ba" means eight, "da" means great, and "guan" means pass, hence "guan" is embedded in the name of all the passes, which include the Hanguguan, Jiayuguan, Juyongguan, Ningwuguan, Shanhaiguan, Shaoguan, Zhengyangguan, Zijingguan,  Linhuaiguan and Wushengguan. This area has 10 streets now, but the name has been kept.

It is also well-known for combining architectural styles of several countries in the world including Japan, the U.S., Denmark, Greece, Spain, Switzerland and others.

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