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Now, the "internationalization" has become one of the key words for Qingdao's development. In June 2020, Qingdao government issued the "Promotion of "Internationalization+" Action Plan (2020/2021)" to establish a global vision, enlarge the coordinates, benchmark against advanced cities at home and abroad, continue to promote the construction of an international city, promote the internationalization of enterprises, markets, industries, parks and areas, cities, etc." with a high standard of “internationalization+" and promote the high-quality development of the entire city.

City Card

Zhanqiao pier

As one of the coastal tourism landmarks of Qingdao, Zhanqiao pier is among the first batch of National Scenic Resorts approved by the State Council in 1982 and is one of the first national AAAA tourism areas of China as well.


May 4th Square

Located at Donghai Xi Road, Shinan District of Qingdao, May 4th Square is bordered by the city government to the north, Fushan Bay to the south with total area of 10 hectares. It got its name in memory of China's historical May 4th Movement, which started in Qingdao.


Olympia Sailing Center

The 45-hectare Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center is located by Fushan Bay, adjoining Qingdao’s landmark May 4th Square. It was the venue which hosted the 2008 29th Olympic sailing competition and 13th Paralympic Sailing competitions. The Olympic Sailing Center has become a place of recreation and a tourist resort.


Mt. Laoshan

Laoshan Mountain is located on the shore of the Yellow sea. Laoshan Mountain is the highest mountain along China's coastline and is called the No.1 famous mountain near the sea. The entire mountain covers 446 square kilometers, it features imposing cliffs by the sea in the east and a chain of undulating hills in the west.


The Site of China Sea Level Datum

The Site of China Sea Level Datum, the only sea level datum in China, is situated in the Yinhai World on the east side of Qingdao Fushan Bay. Here is the starting place for the elevation of the ground level in China. The altitude data encountered in daily life comes from here.


The Site of SCO Qingdao Summit

The SCO Qingdao Summit is an international conference held by Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Qingdao, Shandong Province June 9 ~ June 10, 2018